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Humble Beginnings

In 1987, Mike Morgan, Camarillo City Councilman, started the Camarillo Fiesta Association bringing a fiesta to the streets of Camarillo with a festival that hosted only 15 vendor booths. However, Mike had a more grandiose vision to give back to the community and support the needs of the city’s youth and growth.  He saw the future of something bigger and hosting a true fiesta that the residents of Camarillo and Ventura County would come to appreciate today. The Fiesta was eventually moved to Camarillo High School bringing entertainment such as Barnum and Bailey.  Eventually Mike and his small group of colleagues and volunteers tirelessly worked to improve the venue by obtaining more sponsors and bringing more entertainment, rides and vendors.  It was at this time that Mike approached the City of Camarillo to assist him and the association in obtaining a larger venue to accommodate his vision for a new venue, now known as Old Town Camarillo.

The  Fiesta we know today began with an expansion of 19 carnival rides, twice the entertainment and 200+ vendor booths and from that point on has only tripled in the entertainment, vendor booths, rides, sponsorship, volunteers, and attendance by residents of Camarillo and surrounding cities.  The fiesta has even expanded to include a car show beloved by many who are collectors of magnificent vintage automobiles.

Currently, the Camarillo Fiesta Association has 4 board officers, 12 board member, and numerous volunteers who work selflessly to give their time and expertise to ensure that every year the event keeps getting better and better.  As always, Mike Morgan and his team continue to look for ways to improve the Fiesta, stimulate the economy, and bring some fun to the city to make it the place to be for four days every year in July.

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